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Refinery Status: Tesoro's Los Angeles Refinery Vacuum Distillation Tower in Service

Date : 11/27/2012 @ 11:37PM
Source : Dow Jones News
Stock : BP P.L.C. (BP)
Quote : 32.36  -0.24 (-0.74%) @ 4:04AM
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Refinery Status: Tesoro's Los Angeles Refinery Vacuum Distillation Tower in Service

Tesoro (NYSE:TSO)
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5 Years : From May 2011 to May 2016

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The following table lists unplanned and planned production outages at U.S. refineries as reported by Dow Jones Newswires. The information is compiled from both official and unofficial refining sources and doesn't purport to be a comprehensive list.

Tesoro Corp. (TSO) on Nov. 27 said the vacuum tower project at its Los Angeles-area refinery in Wilmington, Calif., had been completed on schedule and is now fully operational. The new vacuum distillation tower will enhance the refinery's efficiency and profitability by maximizing the production of gasoline, jet and diesel fuels, Tesoro spokeswoman Tina Barbee said. It won't increase crude oil throughput.

CVR Energy (CVI) said emissions and flaring occurred at its 70,000 barrel-a-day oil refinery in Wynnewood, Okla., late Monday night owing to the restart of a process unit or units following planned turnaround maintenance that got under way on Sept. 27.

Phillips 66 (PSX) on Nov. 26 said planned maintenance work underway since Nov. 1 at its Los Angeles-area oil refinery in Wilmington, Calif., had been completed. The company wasn't able to provide any other information about the scope of the work or the current operational status of the refinery.

Shell Oil Company (RDSA, RDSB) on Nov. 26 said a release of hydrogen sulfide on Nov. 24 at its oil refinery in Martinez, Calif., necessitated reducing feed to an unspecified unit to diminish the emission. A report to the California Emergency Management Agency said a venting pressure relief valve had caused the release. The company wouldn't identify the unit or comment on the status of operations.

Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) on Nov. 26 said the planned maintenance turnaround work underway since Oct. 26 at its oil refinery in Chalmette, La., had been completed. The unit or units involved in the work weren't specified.

Phillips 66 (PSX) said Nov. 26 that a key gasoline-making fluid catalytic cracking unit, or FCCU, No. 40 at its 146,000 barrel-a-day refinery in Borger, Texas, would begin the process of restarting on Monday, according to a filing to Texas state environmental regulators. On Nov. 23, the company said the maintenance is taking longer than expected, but doesn't expect any significant impact to consumers.

BP Plc. (BP) on Nov. 23 restarted FCCU No. 1 at its refinery in Texas City, Texas, according to a government filing made public Friday. The unit was shut unplanned the week before.

National Cooperative Refinery Association, or NCRA, said Nov. 23 that a release of hydrogen sulfide occurred at its oil refinery in McPherson, Kan., for an unknown reason, a report to the National Response Center said. An investigation to determine the cause was underway, the filing said.

Citgo Corp. on Nov. 23 reported the restart of an unspecified process unit at its refinery in Lemont, Ill. The event resulted in a brief period of flaring, the company said in a report to Illinois state environmental regulators.

Phillips 66 said Nov. 17 that its 238,000 barrel-per-day Bayway Refinery in Linden, N.J., is expected to resume normal operations by the end of November. The facility was shut as a precaution ahead of Hurricane Sandy.

Phillips 66 notified California's South Coast Air Quality Management District of its plan to flare emissions at its Los Angeles-area refinery in Wilmington between Nov. 22 and Dec. 4. The report said the flaring wasn't due to equipment breakdown; no further details were provided.

For more detailed information, search Dow Jones Newswires using the code N/REF.

Operator   Refinery    Capacity   Description                    Restart 
                       (in 000s 
CANADA     Irving Oil  300.0  Company expects refinery to be     Nov. 17 
                              fully online within the week 
                              following completion of annual 
                              maintenance under way since early 
Hess     Port Reading   70.0  Refinery in restart mode and expected   Nov. 16 
         N.J.                 to be operational by Nov. 16, following 
                              a shutdown on Oct. 29 in ad- 
                              vance of Hurricane Sandy. 
PBF      Delaware      190.0  Faulty relief valve caused emis- 
Energy   City, DE             sions and flaring on Nov. 17, a 
                              filing to state regulators said. 
Phillips  Linden, NJ   238.0  Refinery to resume normal opera-    Nov 26-30 
66                            tions by month's end, the company 
                              said on Nov. 17. It was shuttered 
                              on Oct. 29 ahead of Hurricane Sandy. 
BP       Texas City    450.0  FCCU No. 1 restarted on Nov.       Nov. 23 
                              23 after shutting down unplan- 
                              ned the week before - filing. 
Citgo    Lake Charles  427.8  Leak in ultra low sulfur diesel 
         LA                   unit caused flaring Oct. 22. Unit 
                              was being secured for repairs, 
                              according to filing. No restart 
Exxon    Baytown, TX   584.0  Flexicoker shut Sept. 11 for       Nov. 19 
Mobil                         leak repair returned to service 
                              on Nov. 19, the co. said. 
Motiva   Convent, LA   235.0  Power failure on Nov. 13 shuts 
                              processing units, an NRC filing 
                              Impact assessment continues after 
                              brief fire at CDU on Oct 1. No 
                              other process units affected, the 
                              company said. 
Motiva   Norco, LA     233.5  Operational snag on Nov. 13 re- 
                              sults in flaring. 
Motiva   Port Arthur   600.0  Newly commissioned CDU restart on        1Q 2013 
                              track for early 2013, the company said 
                              on Nov. 6. The 325,000-b/d unit was 
                              shut for extensive repair owing 
                              to corrosion issues in May. 
Citgo    Lemont, IL    167.0  Unspecified unit restarted on 
                              Nov. 23, a filing said. No 
                              other details provided. 
CVR      Wynnewood,     70.0  Turnaround completed the co. 
Energy   OK                   said on Nov. 27. The work got 
                              underway on Sep 27 and was inter- 
                              rupted by Sep. 29 boiler explosion. 
                              No other units were impacted by 
                              the blast. 
NCRA     McPherson      85.0  Emissions reported on Nov. 23 
         KS                   from a boiler house, a filing 
                              said. Impact to production unclear. 
WRB      Roxana, IL    306.0  Distilling Unit No. 2 restarted    Nov 16 
                              on Nov. 16 after Oct. 23 shutdown, 
                              a filing to the IEMA said. 
                              On Nov. 17 the company reported 
                              flaring due to several unit shut 
                              downs, including a hydrocracking 
                              unit, a filing to the IEMA said. 
Chevron  Richmond,     245.0  CDU No. 4 will remain shuttered    1Q 2013 
         CA                   through 4Q 2012. It was shut due 
                              to a fire on Aug. 6. Most other 
                              process units continue to operate, 
                              although gasoline production was 
                              reduced by an unspecified amount, 
                              a Sept. 12 DJ report said. The CDU 
                              will restart during 1Q 2013, the 
                              company said on Oct. 9. 
Exxon    Torrance,     155.0  Hydrocracker back in service       Nov. 12 
Mobil    CA                   on Nov. 12 after being taken out 
                              of service on Nov. 3. 
Shell    Martinez      165.0  Feed rate reducted to unspecified 
         CA                   unit on Nov. 24 due to emission 
                              of hydrogen sulfide. Co. wouldn't 
                              comment on the status of operations. 
Tesoro   Martinez      165.0  Advance notice of unspecified 
         CA                   unit restart reported to gov- 
                              ernment agency on Nov. 14. 
                              Unspecified unit shut on Nov. 8 
                              to repair small vapor leak - 
Husky    Saskatchewan         Major turnaround to take place     Spring 
Refinery                      in spring of 2013. Plant-wide      2013 
                              shutdown is planned for inspection 
                              and equipment repairs. 
Valero   Aruba                Refinery will be converted to a 
                              terminal while the company continues 
                              to seek a buyer, the company said on 
                              Sept. 4. 
Sunoco   Marcus Hook   190.0  Plant shuttered in December 2011 due 
                              to poor refining economics will 
                              be reopened to process Marcellus 
                              shale the company said on Nov. 8. 
Exxon   Chalmette,     192.5  Planned turnaround work at un-     Nov. 26 
        LA                    specified unit or units under 
                              way since Oct. 26 had been com- 
                              pleted, the company said Nov. 26. 

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Phillips Borger, TX    146.0  FCCU 40 shut Sept. 24 for what     Nov. 26 
66                            expected to be just over one 
                              month of maintenance restarted 
                              on Nov. 26 - TCEQ Filing. 
                              FCCU No. 29 was scheduled to 
                              shut Oct. 21 for month planned 
                              work, a TCEQ filing said. The company 
                              on Oct. 31 said normal operations 
                              were expected to resume in November. 
Valero   Corpus Christi 200.0 FCC will be shut for six weeks of  Feb/Mar 
                              turnaround maintenance starting    2013 
                              in January, the company said 
                              Oct. 30. 
Valero   Houston, TX   160.0  FCCU restarted on Nov. 13 after    Nov 13 
                              eight weeks of planned turnaround 
Valero   Sunray   TX   170.0  Four weeks of work on the crude    March, 2013 
McKee                         unit to begin in March 2013, 
                              the company said Oct. 30. 
Valero   Norco, LA     185.0  Hydrocracker project will          2013 
                              finish in first quarter of 2013 
                              and commence operating in the 
                              second quarter, company said 
                              on Oct. 10. 
                              Upgrade project to build           2012 
                              a new diesel hydrotreater 
                              unit moved from 2010 to 
                              4Q 2012. 
Valero   Port Arthur   325.0  Hydrocracker project will pro-     Late 
         TX                   ceed and be completed in late      2012 
Valero   Texas City,   225.0  FCCU maintenance for 8 weeks       March 
         TX                   will begin in January 2013         2013 
                              company said on Oct. 30. 
BP       Whiting, IN   336.0  Largest of 3 CDUs will soon shut   2nd Half 
                              for replacement the company said on    2013 
                              Oct. 31 as part of major expan- 
                              sion project. Completion on track 
                              for second-half 2013. 
CVR      Wynnewood      54.0  Turnaround work extended by 5-10 
Energy   OK                   days to 50-55 days the company said 
                              on Nov. 7. Work resumed Sept. 30 
                              after Sept. 29 boiler explosion. 
                              No other units affected by blast. 
                              The work got under way in Q3 2012. 
Holly    Tulsa, OK     125.0  The entire refinery will be shut   Late 
Frontier                      while West Plant section under-    2012 
                              goes major turnaround maintenance 
                              in late 2012, the company said on 
                              Aug. 5, 2011. 
Holly    El Dorado     139.0  Coker unit undergoing maintenance 
Frontier KS                   until further notice, traders said 
                              on Sept. 14. No significant impact 
                              to production is expected. 
Husky    Lima, OH      160.0  15-day maintenance planned at      4Q 
                              diesel hydrotreater; 29 days at    2012 
                              aromatics unit, set for 4Q 2012, 
                              the company said on Feb. 9. 
                              New 20,000-b/d kerosene hydro-     1stH 
                              treater will start up in 1st       2013 
                              half 2013, to company said on Feb. 9. 
                              45 days of major turnaround 
                              scheduled in 2014; 70% of units 
                              involved. Remaining 30% will under 
                              go major turnaround in 2015, the 
                              company said on Feb. 9. 
Marathon Detroit, MI   120.0  Project to expand Canadian crude 
                              processing completed; refinery re- 
                              started, the company said on Nov. 6. 
Phillips Roxana, IL    305.0  Distilling unit shutdown caused       Nov. 
                              flaring on Oct. 23. The company said  2012 
                              during Oct. 31 earnings call that 
                              normal operations should resume 
                              in November. 
Phillips Carson, CA    140.0  Planned flaring to take place 
66                            Nov. 10-13; not associated with 
                              equipment breakdown, a Nov. 7 
                              filing to regulators said. 
Phillips Wilmington    139.0  Planned maintenance under way 
66       CA                   since Nov. 1 completed, the company 
                              said on Nov. 26. The unit or 
                              units involved in the work 
                              weren't specified. Flaring may 
                              be visible until Dec. 4. 
Tesoro   Wilmington     97.0  New vacuum distillation tower 
         CA                   project completed and fully 
                              operational the Co. said on 
                              Nov. 27. 
Valero   Benicia, CA   132.0  Brief, planned maintenance at 
                              hydrocracking unit on Nov. 16 
                              resulted in emissions and flar- 
                              ing but had no material impact 
                              to production, the company said 
                              Nov. 17. 

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